Tammervoima plant

Local waste management company (Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd) and energy company (Tampere Power Utility) in Tampere region constructed in Public-Private Partnership an efficient energy recovery concept for municipal solid waste (MSW). This concept provides annually added value of 30 million euros and waste fees are lowest in Finland. There has been already 10 000 people visiting Tammervoima plant and learning about Tampere WtE-concept during two years.

Waste management company has provided residents with intensive waste sorting counselling. Now 500 000 residents are source separating waste in homes. Only 1 % of MSW is disposed to landfill. Waste recovery rate in Tampere region has risen almost 5 % because of waste incineration. In future biogas produced from biowaste will enable CO2 neutral waste transportation system.

In Tammervoima plant the waste energy is recovered 100 % with operation efficiency more than 95 %. Waste incineration has decreased local CO2 emissions 60 000 tons annually and it has compensated 600 GWh gas export. Waste energy production covers 15 % of Tampere heating and electricity consumption.

Private sector provides material recovery of bottom ash and flue gas cleaning system residues. The amount of bottom ash is at the level of 17 %. Metals are separated from bottom ash and the rest of mineral fractions are used in concrete products and road construction. Only 3 % of total amount of ashes is landfilled.

Tampere WtE -concept enables efficient circular economy. We make it happen!

Interested in visiting Tammervoima? Contact: neuvonta(at)pjhoy.fi